Shhhhhh! Dog Shammy Dog Dryers are Designed to be Quiet

When designing the Dog Shammy dog dryers, we challenged our engineering team with the task of reducing the noise typically associated with dryers. After numerous prototypes, our team designed the Dog Shammy dog dryers with technological advantages such as tortuous air-flow path design which traps noise inside the blower for ultra quiet operation. This revolutionary design is unlike any other dog dryer on the market today which typically use flow-through housing designs (the air goes in one end of the blower and exits in a straight line out the other end) which only serve to provide a clear path for the blower noise to escape the housing. Unlike metal housings which act like a drum and transmit the noise outward, our advanced polymer housing design works to contain and buffer the internal noise caused by the blower motor.
Noise in a dog dryer comes from two main sources: brush noise (remember that these motors are turning 20,000+ R.P.M.'s) and air noise. We address each noise type in our Dog Shammy Dog Dryer design:
Brush Noise - Our motors are housed in a special TPV molded housing. TPV stands for ThermalPlastic Vulcanizate, a long way of saying advanced rubber-type material. The housing absorbs about 80% of the brush noise and keeps it from exiting the housing. This makes for a quieter experience for the dog. A happier dog is much easier to groom!
Air Noise - We use internal foam filters - not for hair or dust, but rather to alter the incoming air to remove noise from it. This air noise is converted to a small amount of heat by the foam as the air passes through the foam.

If you really want quiet, we have our new "XQ Tranquility Noise Reduction System". This was asked for by some of our customers whose dogs hate the noise of a conventional dryer. We use engineered foam and barriers inside the Dog Shammy to absorb and reflect the inner motor noise. This is a custom engineered solution to many a groomers challenges!

dogshammy-dog-dryer-engineering team

Dog Shammy Dog Dryers - designed by Professionals for Dogs!