Model Power Hybrid Dual Dryer – 120V

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A very unique design not seen in the grooming business, our Power Hybrid design consists of two motors with a very useful operation design.

Flip the switch up and both motors go on high speed for the very large and double matted dogs.  Air flow tops out at 58,000 fpm.

Flip the switch down and you now have one motor with complete variable speed from 0-31,000 fpm of warm air flow.  Our new solid-state relay design permits the single motor to start at low speed and adjust up to full speed as you desire.  This is perfect for the dogs who are dryer-shy.

This design covers all types and sizes of dogs including the smaller ones that do not need the power of a large dryer.

All dual dryers feature our XQ noise reduction package as standard equipment.  Add our Smoothcoat Technology negative ion generator for the ultimate grooming experience.  Smoothcoat will assist in reducing drying time by breaking up the water into much smaller, easy-to-dry, particles.  Additionally, Smoothcoat will assist in de-matting and in finishing off the coat with a smooth, luxurious finish.

All dual dryers have two Smoothcoat Technology devices – one per motor, delivering over 6 million negative ions into the coat.

Our standard power cord is approximately 8.5 feet.  However, we can provide with a 14.5 foot cord as an option.  Note that this model is supplied with a 14 AWG power cord.


Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 20 x 10 x 8 in


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