Our newest product, the E3 Bathing System brings semi-automation to your salon.  Our design is unique with the capability to properly mix up to 4 different solutions with different dilution rates.  Now you can use your favorite shampoo or conditioner without having to manually mix the solution.

Another unique feature is our dual rinse cycle.  Most shampoo systems only offer a standard rinse that continues to bring water through the venturi and reduces water flow accordingly.  The E3 unit as a power-rinse cycle that directs the water stream from the venturi and giving you 30-4-% more rinse power.

Our unique design provides a “plug-and-play” for changing solution dilution rates.  All connections are on the outside of the unit and take seconds to modify the dilution.

All venturi shampoo systems require a minimum of 25 PSI for proper operation.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

The benefits for the salon are:

  1.  Cost savings on solutions.  It is estimated that a cost savings of up to 30% on chemical costs is reasonable.
  2.  Labor savings on pre-mixing.  We eliminate this completely.
  3.  Use your favorite solutions.  You are not tied into purchasing a certain brand of solutions.






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