The most exciting product to be introduced to professional groomers in recent years.  Cleancoat Technology is made to treat skin issues with dogs and cats.  Over 70% of veterinarian visits relate to skin issues.  With groomers having the ability to see skin issues, sometimes even before the dog owner, Cleancoat Technology gives the groomer a proven technology that treats skin issues with only clean tap water.

Cleancoat Technology is safe for all animals.  There is no chemicals and therefore no possible reactions with the skin.  Cleancoat produces billions of tiny bubbles-bubbles small enough to enter the pores of the skin and hair.  The natural negative charge on the bubble attracts dirt, bacteria and excess sebum and carries it out of the skin pore.

Review the brochure and poster and contact us if you have any questions.  Cleancoat Technology is over 6 years of research and development and is made in the USA.

All Cleancoat units now come standard with activated Oxygen generators.  These units produce activated oxygen that attacks and kills bacteria.  The byproduct of this is pure oxygen.

cleancoat brochure

CleanCoat Poster

We will also be producing a Cleancoat brochure with your company name on it designed for the dog owner.  Please contact us for details on this brochure as well as the poster.


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