Dog Shammy Remote Foot Pedal Dog Dryers

Aesop once said "Necessity is the Mother of Invention". Well Aesop would be pleased with this Dog Shammy Dog Dryer. True hands-free operation. Simply flip the switch to "Foot Pedal" mode and step on the soft rubber foot pedal to operate this Dog Shammy dog dryer model.

We offer our Foot Pedal model with only our high performance motor offering. This innovative design will certainly give you complete control in your grooming business.

All Foot Pedal models have a special "3 function" switch which allows you to operate the dryer with or without the remote foot pedal.
Dog Dryer Foot Pedal
dog dryer pedal with hose
Flip the switch to "ON" for continuous operation. Flip the switch to "FOOT PEDAL" and now you use the foot pedal control to turn the dryer on and off. Simply press on the foot pedal and you have complete "hands-free" control of the dryer!
dog dryer pedal on floor
Simply press on the Foot Pedal controller for On/Off control.
This controller is available on our single Speed Dog Shammy Dog Dryer Model DXF and Variable Speed Model DX7.