Dog Shammy™ Dog Dryers

Introducing Smoothcoat Technology™ for Professional Groomers

We are pleased to announce that Smoothcoat Technology™ is now available as an option on all Dog Shammy single and Dual Dryers. This is an exciting innovative
feature that is sure to become standard equipment by 2015! Smoothcoat Technology™ assists in de-matting, breaks down water molecule clusters so small that they can be absorbed by the follicles of the coat and are easily evaporated for a fast and safer drying process. This gives the coat a smooth and healthy glow. All Smoothcoat Technology™ equipped dryers will have an on/off switch for the technology. If it is lit green, you are smoothcoating!!

Innovative Dog Dryer Features Designed for the Professional Groomer

Dog Shammy manufactures dog hair dryers starting at $128.77 for a one-speed dog dryer up to $223.77 for our variable speed/remote foot pedal operated DX7 dog dryer with free shipping and no handling charges to the 48 states.
Our philosophy is to provide the finest engineered dog hair dryer models to the dog groomer and dog lover. We only sell factory direct -That means 40-50% savings to you. Our dog dryers are custom built-to-order and usually ship in 2-5 business days. We know
variable speed dog dryer by Dog Shammy
that there are many websites that offer dog dryers. In your search, consider the value in each dog dryer, where it is manufactured, the innovative features, warranty and whether or not you can customize more than the color. At Dog Shammy, we have custom-built dog hair dryer models for many professional groomers using our experience in noise reduction, variable speed, electronic controls, engineered materials and manufacturing. Our latest model was born from demand from professional groomers who liked our innovative foot pedal design but also required variable speed in a dog dryer. There is no finer variable speed dog dryer on the market today that is as feature-packed as our Model DX7 - all for under $224.00.
Dog Dryer One Speed

Innovation in Dog Dryers

When we started designing our line of Dog Shammy Dog Dryers, we looked at what was being sold on the market today. Then we talked to a number of groomers and dog owners.
dogs groomed by Dog Shammy Dog Dryer
Two things were clear to us. First was the high prices of some of these dog hair dryers. Second was the number of dog dryer models that were made in China. What happened to American engineering, innovation and manufacturing? You have to look hard to find an American-made product these days. We certify that all of our Dog Shammy Dog Dryer models are made right here in the USA. As you review our site, we think you will see the innovation that has given birth to our dog hair dryer designs. We would be happy to answer any question you may have regarding our dog dryers and how we can customize a design to suit your grooming business. In all correspondences - either by email or phone - you will be dealing directly with the very people who design and manufacture our products.

Our dog dryers are attractively priced in order to give you the best value in a dog dryer. We have innovated with six models packed with all sorts of features and benefits. From our lowest cost single speed model selling at $128.77 to our deluxe variable speed at 1/2 the cost of a competitive variable speed - only $199.77 with free shipping and no handling charges.

Our innovative mid-range dog dryer includes a three-function switch which allows you to use it manually or with our innovative "hands-free" foot pedal control.

Professional Dog Groomers NEW MODELS -

The most exciting developments in dog drying are now ready for release. Our patent-pending "Dually Power Hybrid" model is the most versatile dryer ever designed for the
professional groomer. With our clean design, "Eternity" filters which never need replacing, and our XQ Tranquility noise reduction system, these dryers will set a new standard for dryers for the professional groomer.

Check out our Dual Professional Dog Dryer products which include single speed and variable speed designs. All Professional series dryers include our exclusive crushproof industrial duty 1-1/2-inch hose and two engineered nozzle designs.

All Dog Shammy Dog Dryers are Made in the USA

We manufacture in the USA with a 90% content of USA manufactured parts! That is very difficult to do given that many US factories have closed and moved their production off shore. Recently, we were able to relocate one of our main components from Mexico to North Carolina. More Americans employed! And for your Canadians, one of our important components is made by very talented Canucks!
Made in USA Logo Dog Dryer
Why is this important to us and why should it
be important to you? The United States of America can compete with any other country in terms of manufacturing, design and development of products. Sometimes we just need to give those factories a chance to prove their service and quality.
In fact, Dog Shammy dog dryers will ALWAYS be manufactured in the USA. You will never see a Dog Shammy dog grooming dryer coming from China or Mexico. Our manufacturing is located in Northern Kentucky. We employ Americans for production, website design, purchasing, marketing and sales. That is our business philosophy - today, tomorrow and forever!

Dog Shammy Dog Dryers - No More Bad Hair Days!